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Student Report

v3.3 or later

Student Reports are no longer supported.  See Performance Portal instead.

v3.2.2 or earlier

Note: It’s recommended to keep a USB flash drive connected to your SimSpray at all times.  This way Student Reports will be saved to this drive.

Student Reports are generated and copied to a USB flash drive when Users tap the End Project button to complete the last Coat of a Project.  If no USB flash drive is inserted, Users can insert a USB flash drive and copy the Student Report again by tapping on the Copy Report button on the Project Review page.  Student Reports include a Username when created in Lesson Mode.  Student Reports created in Free Paint, Free Blast, or Free Coat Mode are anonymous.

The Student Report includes:

  • Images and Scores
  • Project Equipment Settings (Painting only)
  • Coat Pass Analysis Graphs, Coat Images, and Scores (Painting only)

Project Review Page

The Project Review page displays the completed Project Score.

The Overall Score is an average of the technique scores. Angle, Distance, Speed, and Transfer Efficiency Scores are averaged across all Coats.  The Mil Build Score is based on how close the total mil build is to the Project’s total mil build target and may be different from the average average across all Coats. 

Users use Camera Mode to evaluate the part, tap the Back button to return to the Live Scene,  tap Restart Project to reset the Part and Scores (the equivalent of pressing Back and then Remove All), tap the Save Report button to save the Student Report to USB, or tap the Proceed button to open the Home page (in Free Paint, Free Blast, or Free Coat Mode) or the Courses and Lessons page.