Different SimSpray hardware and software versions exist.  This website’s info is for v2.x and v3.x software and hardware.

Use this page to identify your versions.

Important: if you have v1.x software, go to SimSpray and locate “SimSpray® 1.0” for your documentation.  The website you are currently on ( does NOT have your documentation.

Hardware Versions

  • v3.x hardware
    • SS3
      • Turnkey system with a VIVE Pro or VIVE Pro Eye HMD.
    • Go
      • Travel ready system with a VIVE Pro or VIVE Pro Eye HMD.
  • v2.x hardware
    • Case with Sixense motion tracking and Oculus HMD.
  • v1.x hardware
    • Case with Polhemus motion tracking and Sony HMZ-T1 or eMagin dual input HMD.

Hardware versions are separate and distinct.  Hardware from one version cannot be used on another version.

Software Versions

  • v3.x software
    • Compatible only with v3.x hardware.
  • v2.x software
    • Compatible with v2.x hardware.
    • Compatible with some v1.x hardware systems (Sony HMZ-T1 and powerful enough SimSpray computers).
  • v1.x software
    • Compatible only with v1.x hardware.

Each of these software lines is separate and distinct.  (Note, however, that some v1.x hardware systems can be updated to v2.x software.)

Any numbers in place of “x” are part of the same line of software versions.  For example, 2.0.72, v2.1.15, and v2.2.9 are all part of the v2.x software version line, while 3.0.2 and 3.1.0 are part of the v3.x software version line.

Locating Your Software Version

The software version is located on the main landing page.

To locate it, turn on your SimSpray system, set up your HMD (Head Mounted Display) when prompted, select a Product if prompted, and on the main landing page locate the number after Current Version.  The full number is the software version.  The digit(s) before the first period define(s) the software version line.

Example: “Current Version: 3.1.0” means you are on the 3.1.0 software version and the 3.x software line of versions.

Note: If there is no version number, you only see a build date, or the build date is before August 14, 2016, your software is on the v1.x line.