Displaying to a TV or Projector

If showing SimSpray to 4+ people (e.g., a classroom or presentation), consider simultaneously outputting SimSpray’s video to an additional, external display (e.g., TV or projector).


Note: requires 3.x hardware.  See Versions.

For SS3:

SS3 External Display Setup 09-01-20

For Go:

External SimSpray Go - Display Setup 08.31.2020

For SS3 and Go:

  1. Verify the external display (TV, projector, or monitor) supports 1920×1080 resolution and progressive scanning (1080p).
  2. Connect an HDMI cable to the SimSpray HDMI out, located either at:
    1. For SS3: the back, bottom or near the front, top power button.
    2. For Go: behind the laptop.
  3. Connect the same cable to the external display’s HDMI in.
  4. Turn on the external display.
  5. Make any other AV adjustments on the external display (e.g., which video input is being used, scaling, zoom, sound unmuted and volume adjustment).


  • The SimSpray image is intended to display on both the touchscreen and external display.
  • Sound is intended to play from the SimSpray speakers and external display for external displays that support sound.
  • Touch will only work on the SimSpray touchscreen.
  • For HMD-Free Setup, see HMD-Free Setup.


Note: requires 2.x hardware.  See Versions.

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SimSpray 2.x tech support - setting up an external display 03-15-18