Note: the options you have available may differ depending on your software version.


Select from the following languages:

  • EN (English)
  • FR (French)
  • PL (Polish)
  • RU (Russian)
  • ES (Spanish)
  • DE (German)


Adjust the Volume for the following items:

  • Interface (the user interface, such as the sound of pressing buttons)
  • Gun (sound of air, paint, powder, or blast media coming from the gun)
  • Environment (background sounds in the virtual environment)

Date Format

Toggle among different date formats.


Toggle among different time formats.


Note: requires 3.x software.

Toggle among different room shapes for smaller or larger motion tracking zones.  See Tracking Options.


Toggle among different time formats, imperial or metric.


Toggle on or off the gun vibration when the gun is triggered.


Note: requires 3.x software.

Toggle showing the room shape bounds in the HMD (Head Mounted Display).  When you are wearing your HMD in the motion tracked zone and get to the edge of the zone, blue line grids appear, indicating the edge of the motion tracked zone.