Caring for Your SimSpray™

Following the guidelines below will help keep your SimSpray™ running well.

COVID-19 recommendations

  • Frequently wash hands and face with soap and water, especially before and after using the HMD, guns, touchscreen, or overall unit.
  • Use disposable hygienic masks for your HMD where available (see recommendations below).
  • Consider wiping down the HMD, including the nosepad, between uses.
  • Leaving the protective film on the touchscreen can help make cleaning easier.
  • If you want to maximize use and minimize cleaning and sanitizing, consider scheduling so each user has a longer period of use time before switching users.
  • Optionally wipe down (not soak) guns with a slightly diluted solution or a lower alcohol % sanitizer.   Note that doing so may affect the surface luster or color.

See Hygiene and Disinfectant Guidelines for additional information:

For SS3:

SimSpray Disinfectant Guidelines


For Go:

Hygiene and Disinfectant Guidance - Go 08-31-20

Normal use

  • Keep the Keyboard and Mouse unplugged and stored during normal use to prevent accidental access to critical areas of the SimSpray™ Computer.  (These components are provided for troubleshooting purposes only.)
  • Turn off and unplug your SimSpray™ bay when not in use.
  • Do not bring food or drinks near your SimSpray™ bay.
  • Do not attempt to open or disassemble any SimSpray™ components.
  • Do not place metal objects in or around your SimSpray™ bay.  Metal objects should be kept away from your SimSpray™ bay and out of the immediate tracking area around the Tracker Stand to avoid interference with the tracking system.
  • Do not crimp, stretch or bend any cables.  
  • Do not replace any cables without being instructed to by VRSim or your local distributor.


Note: requires 3.x hardware.  See Versions.  Note: links are accurate as of 11/8/19 and may go out of date.

  • Before shipping, secure the hardware with available straps (e.g., for the Paint Gun, Powder Coating Gun, VIVE Pro HMD, base stations on their arms, and power strip).
  • Before shipping attach the 2 vertical, metal rails to the back of the unit.  Follow the Quick Start Guide setup in reverse.
    • This will prevent accidentally damaging the base stations attached to the arms.
  • For the VIVE Pro HMD, see:
    • VIVE Pro cleaning guide

HTC_VIVE_Cleaning_Guide Final 05-11-20

    • Lens cleaning
      • Note: 1 lens cloth is normally provided in a manila envelope or bag with a foampad or disposable masks.
    • VIVE Pro care
    • If your foampad says “VR Cover” on it, VR Cover recommends (in their hygiene FAQ):
      • [A]lcohol free antibacterial wipes or spray to wipe down the foam/covers between uses. For a deeper clean you may want to look into using an alcohol based solution, but this should preferably be done overnight and not before you’re going to pass the headset on to the next person as to prevent an adverse skin reaction.”
    • If your foampad does not say “VR Cover” on it, see Face cushion cleaning.
    • Disposable facial masks are available for hygiene:
    • If using an alcohol-based solution ((e.g., 70% alcohol as a precautionary measure but not explicitly recommended by the HMD manufacturer) on the inner facial mask, then make sure to let it dry between uses.
    • Optionally, Cleanbox offers a UVC light decontaminating box for HMDs.  However, VRSim has not tested this and cannot recommend for or against this.


Note: requires 2.x hardware.  See Versions.

  • Remove the Paint Gun Cup from the Paint Gun, and place it in its compartment when not in use.
  • For Users with a v3 Case:
    • Keep the Gun drawer partially or fully pulled out.
    • When not wearing the FMD (Face Mounted Display), place the FMD on this drawer.
    • When not holding the Paint Gun or Powder Gun, place the Gun on this drawer.
  • For Users with a v2 or earlier Case:
    • Place the HMD (Head Mounted Display, FMD, or Face Mounted Display) in its storage compartment, and secure it using the Velcro strap(s) when not in use.
    • Place the Paint Gun in its storage compartment when not in use, and secure it using the Velcro strap(s) when not in use.
  • Before shipping the Case, secure the hardware with available straps (e.g., for the Paint Gun, Powder Coating Gun, FMD, Stand, and/or Touch Screen).
  • For the Oculus HMD, see: