Performing Activities

Activities are performed in Activity Mode or as Lessons in Lesson Mode.

The images below describe the workflows for Activities:

To perform an Activity:

  1. Select Activity from the Modes page.

  2. Select an Activity to perform from the Activity Selection page.


  1. Select Lesson from the Modes page.
  2. Log in using your username and password.
  3. Select an Activity to perform from the Courses and Lessons page.


  1. Tap the Proceed button.
  2. Follow onscreen instructions on the Calibrate page, if needed, to calibrate sensors and proceed to the Live Scene.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions in the Live Scene to perform the Activity.
    Users will be guided in their FMD (Face Mounted Display) view to perform specific steps.  Users must perform these steps to perform the Activity.

When Activities are complete, a Message Box appears in the FMD to prompt Users how to proceed.  An Activity Score may also display, if applicable.  Tap the Replay button to replay the Activity.  Tap the Finish button to close the Activity and return to the Activities page. Tap the Next button to play the next Activity.

Instructors may add Activities to Courses from the Content Management portion of the Admin portal.