Student Report

v3.3 or later

Student Reports are no longer supported.  See Performance Portal instead.

v3.2.2 or earlier

Note: It’s recommended to keep a USB flash drive connected to your SimSpray at all times.  This way Student Reports will be saved to this drive.

Student Reports are generated and copied to a USB flash drive when Users tap the End Project button to complete the last Coat of a Project.  If no USB flash drive is inserted, Users can insert a USB flash drive and copy the Student Report again by tapping on the Copy Report button on the Project Review page.  Student Reports include a Username when created in Lesson Mode.  Student Reports created in Free Paint, Free Blast, or Free Coat Mode are anonymous.

The Student Report includes:

  • Images and Scores
  • Project Equipment Settings (Painting only)
  • Coat Pass Analysis Graphs, Coat Images, and Scores (Painting only)