Performing Lessons

Lessons provide Users a structured learning environment with defined curriculum goals.  Users select Lessons to perform the associated Activities, Tutorials, and/or Projects.  

The images below describe the workflows Users follow to perform Lessons.  

Users select Lesson Mode from the Modes page.  

Note: Lessons are not available for Blasting in v2.x software. 

To use Curriculum Mode or Lesson Mode:

Software v3.3 introduced “Curriculum Mode” with an online connection to Performance Portal.  This takes the place of the “Lesson Mode”, available in earlier software versions.

  1. Select Curriculum or Lesson on the Modes page then tap the Proceed button.
  2. On the Login page enter your username and password then tap the Proceed button.
  3. First Time Users:  
    • Enter the username and password you want to use.
    • Tap the Proceed button.
    • Tap the Yes button on the Login Failed message box to create your User account. 
  4. Choose a Lesson from the Courses and Lessons page then tap the Proceed button.
  5. Prepare to Paint, Blast or Powder Coat, Perform Tutorials, or Perform Activities.