Performing Lessons

Lessons provide Users a structured learning environment with defined curriculum goals.  Users select Lessons to perform the associated Activities, Tutorials, and/or Projects.  

The images below describe the workflows Users follow to perform Lessons.  

Users select Lesson Mode from the Modes page.  

Note: Lessons are not available for Blasting in v2.x software. 

To use Lesson Mode:

  1. Select Lesson on the Modes page then tap the Proceed button.
  2. On the Login page enter your username and password then tap the Proceed button.
  3. First Time Users:  
    • Enter the username and password you want to use.
    • Tap the Proceed button.
    • Tap the Yes button on the Login Failed message box to create your User account. 
  4. Choose a Lesson from the Courses and Lessons page then tap the Proceed button.
  5. Prepare to Paint, Blast or Powder Coat, Perform Tutorials, or Perform Activities.