In-Sim Tablet Controls


Note: requires 3.x software.  See Versions.  Available starting in v3.x software.

The In-Sim Tablet makes it easy to do common actions while keeping the HMD (helmet) on. The Tablet is a moveable, dockable control ‘tablet’ that lets the User access project controls and performance feedback while staying immersed in the training environment.


By default, the Tablet will follow and reposition based on the User’s position. The Tablet will typically be found docked on the closest of the four walls of the tracking environment. Note that the User will normally need to turn around to see the Tablet.  Also note that if you do not see the Tablet, then move closer to one of the walls until the Tablet appears.

To reposition the Tablet in a fixed location, aim the Gun over the left or right side of the Tablet, the virtual Gun will change to a hand, pull and hold the Gun trigger to grab the Tablet, move the Gun to reposition the Tablet, and release the Gun trigger to let go of the Tablet.

To redock the Tablet to the side walls, point the Gun at any of the ‘Return’ boxes located on the walls.


  1. Coating – View Coating Mode.
  2. Coverage Map – Enable or disable Coverage Map Mode.
  3. Defects – View Defects. Select the defect to highlight from a secondary menu. Note: defect selection is limited to applicable defects in the selected process.
  4. Angle – Enable or disable the Angle Cue.
  5. Distance – Enable or disable the Distance Cue.
  6. Speed – Enable or disable the Speed Cue.
  7. Controls shown here are dictated by the selected processes. These controls include:
    Conveyor Speed – Adjust the conveyor line speed. Note: this is only visible in the conveyor environment.Edge Blending – Enable or disable the Edge Blending Cue. Note: this is only visible in the HVLP Edge Blending process.
  8. Remove One – Remove the current Coat.
  9. Remove All – Remove all Coats.
  10. Equipment Settings – Adjust Equipment Settings, including Tip Size, Pressures, and part height location.
  11. Lines – Enable or disable 3D line replay of Gun movement.
  12. End Coat / Project – End the current Coat. If on the last Coat, this ends the Project. Note: in the conveyor environment, use this button to also start the conveyor line.
  13. Coat Selection – Use the left and right arrows to view the information (Score, Coating, Coverage, 3D lines, Defects) of the ‘previous’ or ‘next’ Coat(s).

To learn more about these controls, see the following support articles for more details: