Positioning Your SimSpray™ for Optimal Performance


Note: requires 3.x hardware.  See Versions.

See the Quick Start Guide.


  • The physical space needed can be set to a few defaults.  See Room Shape in Tracking Options.
  • Do not use SimSpray in a room with non-SimSpray VIVE base stations. Otherwise, the motion tracking may not work properly due to same frequency base stations.
  • If motion tracking is jittery or intermittently tracking, minimize reflections or infrared interference.  SimSpray uses a camera based tracking system. Try covering sources of IR (Infrared) interference, turning off infrared emitting devices, or repositioning or moving the system away from reflective surfaces.


Note: requires 2.x hardware.  See Versions.

The following guidelines will help you determine the best location for your SimSpray™:

The following image provides guidance on positioning your SimSpray™ components while in use:

  • Since SimSpray™ uses a magnetic tracking system, it can be influenced by nearby magnetic fields.  Keep SimSpray away from objects or environments that can cause electromagnetic interference.  Objects that may cause this include, but are not limited to:
    • Fluorescent lights Note: you may need to turn off lights during SimSpray™ operation.
    • Ballasts
    • Air handlers
    • Generators
    • Other magnetic tracking systems, such as nearby:
    • SimSpray™units on the same or overlapping frequencies
    • VRTEX™ units on the same or overlapping frequencies
  • SimSpray™ should not have conductive materials (e.g., aluminum, copper metals, metal beams in the walls or ceiling, or metal cabinets) within a minimum of an 8’ radius around the Tracker Stand.
  • For best results, you will need an unobstructed 12’ wide (3.6576 m) x 11’ deep (3.3528 m) x 9’ (2.7432 m) high space to operate your SimSpray™ in.  This includes the space needed for the physical components and the minimum volume needed to move around and use your SimSpray™.
  • Make sure to keep conductive materials at least 2’ (0.6096 m) away from the Gun and FMD during use.
  • Keep the Stand away from any conductive materials in the floor.
  • Keep the FMD, Gun, and Stand at least 5′ (1.524 m) away from any whiteboard or smartboard.
  • If having trouble with motion tracking, reposition the Stand. If that does not work, try reorienting the Stand. Note: after adjusting the Stand, you will need to tap Recalibrate in hardware version 2.
  • Position the Tracker Stand to the left of the Case to keep the Tracker Stand cables out away from the FMD (Face Mounted Display) and Gun cables and in a place that will allow the User to Paint, Blast, or Powder the Parts without straining the FMD and Gun cables.  If necessary, an alternative orientation is to keep the Tracker Stand directly in front of the Case.
  • The tracker stand may be moved or rotated slightly while in the Live Scene to accommodate the User and selected part. Note: You will need to tap Recalibrate in hardware version 2.