Tracking Lesson Progress

Tracking Lesson Progress On the User Management Page:

Tracking Lesson Progress Using the Lesson Progress File:

The Lesson Progress file provides Instructors with detailed Lesson Progress data and a means to retain this data for safekeeping.

To export this info, insert a USB flash drive into an available slot on your SimSpray unit, go to the User Management screen in the Admin portal, and select Export.   After the file has saved, remove the USB flash drive and bring it to another, non-SimSpray computer.

The Lesson Progress file data includes:

  • List of Users
  • Percentage of Lessons a User has passed (Completion Percent)
  • What Lessons a User has performed
  • Highest Lesson Score received from all of the User’s attempts of the Lesson
  • Whether the User passed or failed the Lesson

Instructors can save and retain Lesson Progress files at various points in time to create a timeline of User progress.

The Lesson Progress file is a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that can be imported into Excel, Google Sheets or other common spreadsheet applications.  Instructors can view and retain this file to assist them in tracking User progress.

Lesson Progress File Layout

The image below shows an example of a Lesson Progress file format imported into Excel and the available data contained in the file.